23-03-2016 | L O U I S V
A bit of an older video already, but nonetheless we wanted to share with you a TV performance of Dutch Band L O U I S V, featuring Thijs Lodewijk on bass guitar, fuzzing up his bass with the Orange Edition of the Killer pedal.

02-03-2016 | Cas on Pedalsandeffects.com
Last month, Cas Oomen sent his pedal board for evluation to www.pedalsandeffects.com by Juan Alderete (The Marsh Volta). Read the resulting blog by Juan here with some extra attention to Black Velvet.

04-01-2016 | New Artist: Cas Oomen
We proudly welcome Cas Oomen from Dutch indy band Rondé as a new endorser to the Black Velvet artist family. Cas has been using the Black Vevlet Killer orange edition for a while now.

As Cas says about the orange edition of the Killer: “Not without a reason that the Black Velvet Killer is one of the few pedals that survived all my pedal shifts. I always missed something with other
overdrives and distrtions. With the Killer I didn’t: It always retains the low-end and pressure, while adding great dirt or just a slight edge to your sound. It blends in perfectly in a band and makes me smile every time I switch it on!”

15-11-2013 | Thijs Lodewijk Pedal
Last month, Thijs Lodewijk received his own signature pedal, which he purchased during the Black Velvet crowd funding campaign last spring (picture by Timo Reisiger).

13-7-2012 | Review Music Maker

The dutch magazine Music Maker reviewed the Black Velvet Killer Blue Edition in their June edition and they were very positive. Read the review here.

Black Velvet Killer promo